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DT – Spring 2


Year 3 – Pop Up Books

In this unit, pupils will be working on their ‘build’ skills by creating moving books using linkages and mechanical systems such as a moving pivot, fixed pivot and exploring types of motion. Children will begin by exploring some children’s books which use these systems so that they can explore them before creating their own designs and ideas.  After designing their own books, children will practice making levers and sliders before assembling them into their final product. They will then review and evaluate their own books as well as their peers.


Year 4 – Apple Crumble

Children will begin the unit by exploring different apples and comparing their tastes as well as looking at British varieties which grow locally. Children will then design their own recipe, thinking about the spices and flavours they want to include in their crumble. In the next lesson, children will practice some skills they will need to make their final product such as peeling, coring, chopping using a bridge method and rubbing fat into flour. Once this is complete, children will make and evaluate their crumble as well as their peers.


Year 5 – Sewing Bags

Year 5 will begin the unit by looking at bags and discussing their features of what makes a strong, sturdy bag as well as exploring fabrics and their strength and suitability for a bag. After exploring designs and fabrics, children will design their own bag and incorporate applique and embroidery. Before making their final bag, children will spend time practicing skills such as sewing, embroidery and pinning fabric and when confident will move onto making their final design. Children will evaluate their designs once finished.


Year 6 – Mezze

Before they begin to make their Mezze meals, children will explore and sample foods from countries such as Iraq, Greece and Turkey where mezze dishes are commonly found. After sampling and researching different meals, children will design their own menu and recipes. Before getting started on these in the kitchen, Year 6 will practice the skills they need to be able to confidently cook their mezze dishes such as; using a pestle and mortar, juicing, using a garlic press, grating, cutting using a knife and claw method as well as mashing. Once they have practiced these skills, they will make their mezze dishes and share with the class for a peer evaluation.