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Spring Term 1

In Spring Term 1, all children are completing the Dreams and Goals unit of work. 


Year 3 will be looking at difficult challenges and achieving success, dreams and ambitions, new challenges, motivation and enthusiasm, recognising and trying to overcome obstacles, evaluating learning processes, managing feelings and simple budgeting. Children in Year 3 are designing a garden for somebody who faces a challenge. Children will work as a team to design their garden and use a budget to do this.

Year 4 will be looking at hopes and dreams, overcoming disappointment, creating new, realistic dreams, achieving goals, working in groups, celebrating contributions, resilience and positive attitudes. Children will be creating a potato person which will be entered into a class competition to see which one is the funniest. Pupils will use a range of materials to complete this and work in a group to complete this.

Year 5 will be looking at future dreams, the importance of money, jobs and career, dream job and how they will get their goals in different cultures, supporting others, including charities and motivation.  Year 5 will be using their knowledge from this unit to devise an event or activity where they could raise money for charity. Children will be working as a team to complete this challenge.

Year 6 will be looking at personal learning goals, in and out of school, emotions, making a difference in the world, motivation, recognising achievements and compliments. Children will discuss a charity that they would like to raise more for that is significant for them currently. Children will plan and design an event or project where they could raise money for the chosen charity. Children will then reflect on each person's contributions and each child will receive a positive compliment about how they have positively contributed to the activity. Children will also identify their dreams for the world.