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Summer Term 1

In Summer Term 1, each year, a group will be completing the Relationships unit of work. Please see below a summary of what each year group will be looking at throughout the unit.


Year 3 will be looking at family roles and responsibilities, where they will look at roles and responsibilities that are taken on during home life, jobs/careers that men and women take and also stereotypes.  Pupils will also look at friendships and how conflicts happen in friendships and ways to problem-solve the situation. Pupils will put into practice some of the skills of friendship, e.g. taking turns and being a good listener. Pupils will also look at keeping themselves safe online and learn strategies to be able to do this. Pupils will also look at global citizenship, where they will look at the actions and work of people around the world and also understand their own needs and rights that are shared by children around the world and identify how lives for children are different around the world. Pupils will also look at celebrating relationships at the end of this unit by understanding appreciation and how this can be expressed.

Year 4 will be looking at jealousy, where they will look to recognise situations which can cause jealousy and discuss ways to problem-solve these situations. Pupils will also look at love and loss, discussing feelings of what may be felt during these times. Pupils will look at discussing ways that people can be remembered even though they may no longer see them. Pupils will discuss things like souvenirs and memorials to remember people and special times. Pupils will then look at getting on with others and falling out. Pupils will look at how friendships can change, how to make new friends and how to manage when fall-outs with friends happen. Pupils will then look at what having a boyfriend/girlfriend may mean and that these are special relationships that are for when they are older. Pupils will then look at celebrating relationships with people and animals where they will understand how to show love and appreciation for them. 

Year 5 will be looking at themselves and identifying their characteristics, personal qualities and attributes. Pupils will look at building their own self-esteem. Pupils will look at safety in online communities; responsibility, how they need to be responsible for what they do online and their rights.  Pupils will look at the positive and negative consequences of online communities. Pupils will also look at online gaming and age restrictions and why they may be in place. Pupils will also look at their relationship with technology and screen time. Pupils will learn to recognise when they are spending too much time using their devices and the effects it may have on their physical and mental health. Pupils will learn how to stay safe when using technology to communicate with their friends and the importance of things they should and should not do online.

Year 6 will be looking at understanding what mental health is and how to take care of your own mental health, recognising signs and support that are available. Pupils will look at love and loss, where they will look at understanding that there are different stages of grief and different types of loss that cause people to grieve. Pupils will look at coping strategies and emotions. Pupils will then look at power and control, where they will begin to recognise when people are trying to gain power or control. Pupils will look at strategies of ways to stand up for themselves in situations where others are trying to gain that power or control. Pupils will then look at being online and whether things online are real or fake;  safe or unsafe. Pupils will look at using judgement to identify risks. Pupils will then look at using technology responsibly.