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Howard Junior School has an enthusiastic and proactive team of School Councillors.

They are all highly driven individuals, who take the role very seriously.

They are the ‘voice’ of the pupils of Howard Junior. They relish the opportunity to think of ideas on how we can improve our school, take important responsibilities, review and discuss upcoming school projects and suggest their own ideas towards them.


Declaration of Rights

The pupils at Howard Junior School have the following rights:

  • To be listened to by all members of staff
  • To have the opportunity to go on enriching school trips 
  • For all pupils to have specific jobs and responsibilities within school
  • To experience outdoor learning/education, when possible
  • To have our say when hiring new staff to our school
  • To have input in to our own curriculum and learning
  • To use all of the school equipment and resources, whenever possible - especially during recreational times
  • To be treated fairly, and with respect, by each other and by all members of staff
  • To be part of free and fair elections
  • To have our say about what equipment and resources should be purchased for school, through the school council
  • Access to other children to solve our problems at lunchtime