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WC 22.01.24


The children have been working on many different aspects of decimals this week. They have dived into place value, rounding, addition, multiplication and division.



A new unit this week with children applying their cross-curricular knowledge of the Victorian Workhouses to plan a newspaper report on a murder. They have learnt and applied the key features of a newspaper report, e.g. Headlines, bylines, introduction, main body, conclusion, direct speech and reported speech.



The children have been applying their knowledge of circuits and conductive materials to plan and design their own electric toy.



6S have been working on their yoga poses and yoga flows. In art, the children have been using watercolours to add to their Victorian Architecture designs. In history,  the children looked more at The Great Exhibition of 1851 and studied some of the art, science and technology that was showcased. In Spanish, the children learned about the different colours.