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  • Wc 18.03.24

    Published 25/03/24, by Luke Smith

    Please see below the learning in 6S for the Wc 18.03.24

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  • Wc 11.03.24

    Published 18/03/24, by Luke Smith

    Please see below for what we learned in 6S this week.

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  • Wc 04.03.24

    Published 11/03/24, by Luke Smith

    This week our main theme was celebrating World Book Day. See below for what we learnt during the week!

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  • 26.02.24

    Published 02/03/24, by Luke Smith

    The highlight of the week for 6S was visiting the Guildhall to see an exhibition of our artwork that we had produced. Whilst we were at the Guildhall, children participated in activities such as creating optical illusion art (Optart) and recreating famous local artist CPT's works.



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  • 05.02.24

    Published 11/02/24, by Luke Smith

    WC 05.02.24

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  • 22.01.24

    Published 29/01/24, by Luke Smith

    WC 22.01.24

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  • Rowling

    Published 10/01/24, by Ash Kirwan

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