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  • Week Beginning 13.5.24

    Published 22/05/24, by Ash Kirwan

    This week was SATs week and as you can see above, the children earned themselves a pizza party for all their hard work and efforts.

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  • Week Beginning 6.5.24

    Published 09/05/24, by Ash Kirwan

    The sun is shining this week and we have enjoyed visiting the Eco Pod, our school's outdoor classroom to complete our learning.

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  • Week Beginning 29.4.24

    Published 01/05/24, by Ash Kirwan

    This week in 6K, we have been working hard in each subject, including dissecting fruit in Science.

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  • Week Beginning 22.4.24

    Published 25/04/24, by Ash Kirwan

    It's been a fascinating week in 6K. We dissected flowering plants and placed them under the microscope!

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  • Week Beginning 15.4.24

    Published 18/04/24, by Ash Kirwan

    The picture above shows our two Kahoot quiz winners. We host quizzes almost daily to recap and retrieve knowledge learnt in lessons from that week and before. 

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  • Week Beginning 25.3.24

    Published 27/03/24, by Ash Kirwan

    We have been on target in Archery this week! The pupils have really enjoyed themselves learning this exciting and unique skill!

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  • Week Beginning 18.3.24

    Published 20/03/24, by Ash Kirwan

    When life gives you lemons...learn how to chop and squeeze the juice from them in DT!

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  • Week Beginning 4.3.24

    Published 08/03/24, by Ash Kirwan

    Our week included World Book Day alongside lots of learning and enjoyment. 

    We began the week with a focus on our class book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. We 'interviewed the main character (see above) and explored the idea of gender stereotypes as a theme in the book.


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  • Guildhall Visit 28.2.24

    Published 08/03/24, by Ash Kirwan

    On the 28th February, Year 6 took a trip to the 'Guildhall' in King's Lynn - a famous, old building steeped in History.

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  • Week Beginning 26.2.24

    Published 29/02/24, by Ash Kirwan

    We began our half-term with a 'trip' to China! We explored the setting for our new class book, 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. Following our VR headset journey, we created a giant firework display painting using paint splatters on a large canvas. Below you'll find some of the initial writing from our pupils, which we are very proud of. 


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  • Week Beginning 12.2.24

    Published 14/02/24, by Ash Kirwan

    We've had another busy week - the last one of this action-packed half-term. 

    A highlight was of course pancake day - our pupils loved each frying and sometimes flipping (if they were feeling brave) their pancakes. 

    In class, we rounded off our Yoga work with the creation of our own flows based on all the learning we have completed in PE this half-term. 

    We are busy making our electrical toys, full with the knowledge from our electricity unit. There are some truly wonderful designs. 

    We have been looking at percentages in Maths and how to calculate percentages of amounts. 

    In English, we finished writing some wonderful suspense stories based on a short animation.

    We have continued to look at Victorian art and architecture, as well the Victorian period. Pupils have taken a real interest in this, as well as the rest of their learning this half-term. Mr Kirwan, Mrs Kirwan and Mrs Fox would like to thank pupils for the work and effort they continue to put in.


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  • Week Beginning 5th February

    Published 07/02/24, by Ash Kirwan

    In the Inspire Suite this week, we have been pairing up to create 'Partner Flows' in Yoga.
    This was the fifth week of Yoga this term and our balancing skills have really improved.



    This week also saw us celebrate 'Safer Internet Day'.
    We looked at how the internet can influence us and look out for positive influences and being wary of negative influences.



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