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  • Week ending 26/04/24

    Published 25/04/24, by Katie Eastwood

    Week ending 26/04/24

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  • Week beginning 11/03/24

    Published 21/03/24, by Katie Eastwood

    Week beginning 11/03/23  This week in Science we conducted a forces investigation- which size surface area makes the best parachute and why?

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  • Week ending 02/02/24

    Published 02/02/24, by Katie Eastwood

    The week ending 02/02/24  This week in 5E we have been busy!

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  • Week ending 19/01/24

    Published 19/01/24, by Katie Eastwood

    5E's week 15/01/24 to 19/01/24!

    In Science, we looked at the life cycle of a bumblebee and a cuckoo bird.
    The children enjoyed comparing the two, and finding out how savage nature can be to one another!

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