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Week ending 19th April 2024

Wow! It's the summer term already! We have had a super busy start to this term.

In Science, we started our new unit of work, which was rocks. We looked at the different types of rocks, how they could be described, and placed different rocks into groups. Pupils looked at vocabulary such as permeable and impermeable. Pupils discussed the meaning of geologist and became one during the lesson where they had to make careful observations of the rocks. Pupils discussed in groups which rocks would go into, which groups, using words to describe their properties, such as hard and soft.

In Maths, pupils have been continuing their learning with capacity and volume. Pupils have measured capacity and volume in millilitres and litres as well as compared capacity and volume.  Pupils also looked at equivalent capacities and volumes. On Friday, pupils then moved onto our new topic of work, which was fractions, where they began adding fractions together. The work below is a snippet of some of the work that was completed. This is not all the work that was completed when pupils compared capacity and volume.

In our PSHE lesson this week, pupils moved onto looking at our new topic of work, which was relationships. As a class, we discussed the roles and responsibilities we have in our homes and different jobs, roles/careers. We looked at the meaning of stereotypes and discussed how it is important we do not become stereotypical. We discussed how some jobs may be easier for others, but it does not mean that someone cannot do those jobs because of their gender. Pupils worked in groups to discuss different roles that may occur in the house and had to decide whether it was a male job, a female job or a job for both.

In spelling, pupils have been reviewing common exception words from Year 2. Pupils have had the opportunity to practise these words using a preferred strategy that they have been taught, such as; spelling graffiti. Pupils then played a game called spell swap and practised spelling of words using cartoon conversation.

In Religious Education, pupils are now looking at the Sikhism religion. In our first lesson, pupils discussed the clubs/groups that they belong to and the feelings associated with belonging to those clubs/groups. We discussed how being in clubs/groups made us feel and why it is important to feel belonging. 

In Art, pupils have moved onto looking at Self-Portraits. Pupils looked at the self-portraits of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and Edward VI as a child by Hans Holbein. Pupils discussed the meaning of self-portrait and began to draw their own faces in their art books.