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Week ending 29th March 2024

We had such a busy last week of term with lots of different things planned, such as egg rolling, church service and egg decorating. As well as this, we also had our fantastic learning taking place.


In History, pupils completed an end of unit assessment where they wrote a non-chronological report about the Anglo-Saxons. Pupils used subheadings and had to write key information about different things in the Anglo-Saxon times, such as what they believed in, the weapons made, the things they di and where they lived. 

We also decorated our eggs and entered a competition as a whole school. These were the two winning entries for Twiggles class. 

In English, pupils have looked at contractions for omission, understanding that the apostrophe replaces the missing lessons. Pupils used Sketches School to practice some questions to see if they could contract two words together and replace the missing letters with an apostrophe. Pupils also looked at identifying prepositions and using them in sentences. Pupils had to identify various prepositions and use them in sentences.

In Science, pupils have been learning about plants. Pupils looked at the process of pollination and created a diagram to show the process. Pupils had to learn scientific vocabulary and include this.

In Maths, pupils looked at adding and subtracting mass as well as measuring  capacity and volume in millilitres. 

As an end of term treat, pupils received an Easter pencil and some Easter treats.