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Week ending 14th June 2024

In RSHE, pupils looked at what a baby needs to live and grow. Pupils were able to explain why babies need certain things and the implications if babies did not receive them.

In Geography, pupils looked at the climate in Western Europe, identifying which month is the coldest, the average rainfall in December, the average temperature in June and the month that has the least amount of rain.

In Science, pupils completed an experiment, pupils had to discuss how they could make the investigation fair. Pupils investigated friction using different materials and made a prediction and assessed at the end whether their prediction was incorrect or correct.

In English, pupils continued looking at The Last bear where they had been writing effective sentences about different parts of the story. In this lesson, pupils looked at using speech, identifying different verbs and using similes to describe. Pupils also had a reading lesson about identifying the language that is used to change the mood.