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Week ending 24th May 2024

Wow! What a busy week we have had. 

We have had the opportunity to work in the Spark Lab for the whole of this term and the children had to create questions and race to be the first one to answer, so they could then move either Dash or Dot, where they had to code them to move up, down, left or right. 

In PSHE, pupils looked at the rights of children and created a mind-map/poster of the different rights and the importance of these rights for children. Pupils had discussions about what would happen if children did not have these rights. For example, if pupils did not have a right to an education, pupils discussed that they would have no education, which could lead to pupils not having a job in the future that they may want to do because they may need specific qualifications.  

In Geography, pupils looked at recognising the major rivers in North America and South America and why these rivers are important. Pupils discussed the impact of what could happen if these rivers did not exist.