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week ending 17th may 2024

This week, in Art, pupils completed a self-evaluation of their painting. Pupils had to decide what was successful, what they would improve and what their painting tells people about them. Pupils enjoyed completing their self-portraits and painting things that they enjoy or like around their painting.

In Geography, pupils looked at the importance of the River Indus in the past and modern times. Pupils also looked at the impact of a dam being built. Pupils came up with some wonderful responses about what might happen if a dam was being built and also why the river was so important for people.

In Religious Education, pupils have been learning about Sikhism. In this week's lesson, pupils looked at what happened during an Amrit Ceremony. Pupils then created a mind map with all the things that happened during the Amrit Ceremony.

In English, we finished writing our narrative on Peter Pan. Pupils wrote their own narrative resolution using adjectives and fronted adverbials.

In Maths, we have been continuing our learning with time when pupils have looked at am, pm, identifying start and end times using minutes and hours, weeks, months and years. Pupils have also compared measurements of time.