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Week ending 10th may 2024

In Maths, we have been continuing our learning with time, where pupils have been telling the time to the minute, identifying Roman numerals and telling the time to 5 minutes.  Pupils have also been practising key arithmetic skills at the start of their lessons. Lots of hard work is going on in our time unit.

In Science, we have been continuing our learning on rocks and this week we looked at fossils and a famous palaeontologist called Mary Anning. Pupils researched and learnt information about Mary Anning, her life and discoveries. 


In PSHE, we looked at the influence of the work that is done in other countries, such as fruit being transported over from other countries. We looked at the impact of all the things that are made in different countries if we did not have them. Pupils were able to discuss things like there not being as much fruit, chocolate or clothing.

In English, we have been writing about Peter Pan. This week we have focussed on writing the narrative build-up using adjectives, fronted adverbials and adverbs to describe what has happened. Some pupils have also included some speech. Fantastic ideas and writing have been written.

In Religious Education, pupils have looked at Sikhism and the 5K's. Pupils have looked at understanding what the 5K's are and the importance of these.