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  • week ending 17th may 2024

    Published 21/05/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt
    This week, in Art, pupils completed a self-evaluation of their painting. Pupils had to decide what was successful, what they would improve and what their painting tells people about them. Pupils enjoyed completing their self-portraits and painting th
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  • Week ending 10th may 2024

    Published 16/05/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    In Maths, we have been continuing our learning with time, where pupils have been telling the time to the minute, identifying Roman numerals and telling the time to 5 minutes.  Pupils have also been practising key arithmetic skills at the start of their lessons. Lots of hard work is going on in our time unit.

    In Science, we have been continuing our learning on rocks and this week we looked at fossils and a famous palaeontologist called Mary Anning. Pupils researched and learnt information about Mary Anning, her life and discoveries. 


    In PSHE, we looked at the influence of the work that is done in other countries, such as fruit being transported over from other countries. We looked at the impact of all the things that are made in different countries if we did not have them. Pupils were able to discuss things like there not being as much fruit, chocolate or clothing.

    In English, we have been writing about Peter Pan. This week we have focussed on writing the narrative build-up using adjectives, fronted adverbials and adverbs to describe what has happened. Some pupils have also included some speech. Fantastic ideas and writing have been written.

    In Religious Education, pupils have looked at Sikhism and the 5K's. Pupils have looked at understanding what the 5K's are and the importance of these. 


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  • Week ending 3rd of May 2024

    Published 10/05/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt
    In Science, pupils completed an investigation into whether rocks were permeable or impermeable. Pupils discussed the vocabulary and completed their investigation, creating a table of which rocks were permeable and impermeable. The pupils enjoyed comp
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  • Week ending 26th April 2024

    Published 27/04/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    Another busy week, here in Twiggles class. Lots of amazing learning has taken place.

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  • Week ending 19th April 2024

    Published 20/04/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    Wow! It's the summer term already! We have had a super busy start to this term.

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  • Week ending 29th March 2024

    Published 20/04/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    We had such a busy last week of term with lots of different things planned, such as egg rolling, church service and egg decorating. As well as this, we also had our fantastic learning taking place.


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  • Twiggles week ending 22.03.2024

    Published 23/03/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    We have had many exciting things happen this week. Our golden pupil was a pupil who was a real superstar. One of our pupils won the reading champ of the week for amazing progress in their reading assessments. Another pupil won the Bramble's behaviour certificate for showing excellent behaviour, being a kind friend and a fantastic role model. We also had one of our pupils be brave and go up to the assembly to show pupils some British Sign Language.


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  • Twiggles upDATE

    Published 11/03/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    We have had such a busy few weeks with Pancake Day, World Book Day and our incredible learning that has been taking place in our lessons.

    As above, you can see our pupils look like they are sleeping. This is part of our Calm Me Time that we do weekly in our PSHE lessons. Pupils use calming images, and they can choose to close their eyes, stay sat in their seats and calm their minds ready for learning. 


    On Pancake Day, everybody was able to eat a lovely pancake made by Mrs Thurston and Mrs Goldsmith. Everyone was able to choose their own toppings, from marshmallows to syrups and more.     


    In Science, children were looking at light and an experiment was conducted to investigate shadows. At different times throughout the day, the class measured the length of the shadow and had to decide whether the shadow was smaller or larger earlier on in the day or later on in the day.



    In History, pupils have been looking at the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, where they have been learning about how ships were built, which enabled Vikings to then go and explore. 


    Recently, in Science, we have been looking at plants, and pupils have looked at different plants and what they need to thrive. Pupils were able to identify that plants may need similar things but not exactly the same amounts.   


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  • Twiggles

    Published 24/01/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    We had a visit from our famous rabbit Biscuit. He came to look at our English work. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed having a visit from Biscuit. He had a chance to look at books and pupils were able to give him a stroke too.

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  • Twiggles - Week beginning 15th January

    Published 16/01/24, by Alicia Ketteringham McCourt

    It's been a busy start to the Spring term, with lots of exciting learning taking place. We started our Art unit by creating sculptures of penguins and painting them. All the children have worked incredibly hard on these. 

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