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   Week beginning 3.6.24  This week we were learning about ladybirds, the different kinds and lots of facts about them. 

  Some of us decided to make a ladybird craft, which turned out brilliant!



  We also spotted some wildlife this week including a muntjac deer, a female and male pheasant and a speckled wood butterfly.
We made sure we left a bowl of water for the wildlife as it is warm and dry conditions.

                                                       Speckled Wood | Dorset Butterflies


We also wanted to make sure our Forest School was tidy and clean and that there was no rubbish around that could harm the wildlife. 
So some of us took part in a litter pick, as litter sometimes blows over when it has been windy.


   We were very excited to start  our '30 days wild challenge' for June!
We enjoyed receiving our pack and our butterfly poster and making an excellent start on our challenges!



    Some of us also took the opportunity to climb trees!