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Week beginning 20.5.24   This week it was Bee Day on Monday so we decided to learn about and celebrate bees! 


We made some great bee crafts using natural objects like pine cones, and we were even lucky enough to spot a bee on bee day, which was fantastic!
We used our bee guide to identify it.





   We want to try and encourage bees and other insects to our Forest School, so we decided to plant a variety of wild flower seeds around our Forest School site.




  We also noticed that our willow tree made Forest School look like it was snowing!
The catkins were falling from the tree in the breeze, it makes the floor of Forest School amazing!




    We also spotted this amazing spider web, which is so detailed!




   Some of us had a go at den building and some of us also climbed the trees.




   What a great week and we loved celebrating bees!